Looking to Join the Band?

Course you are! Anyway, welcome to the University of Warwick Big Band! Seriously, that's it, welcome to the Band. All you need to do is sign up online and turn up to our rehearsals, and you're a fully-fledged member of the band! Easy. It's so simple precisely because Big Band is an inclusive music society where only singers are auditioned - if you want to be in the band, we want you in the band!

Membership is open to all students and staff at the university.

Big Band rehearses in the Music Center (part of the Arts Center in central campus) at 7:30pm - 10pm every Thursday during term time. Then of course off to the pub! You don't have to sign up in advance - just grab your instrument and come join us!

Unsure about joining? Here are a few reasons that might convince you...

We're a Friendly, All-Inclusive, Non-Auditioned Society

Whether its your first time picking up a musical instrument, or you've been playing your whole life, there's something for you in Big Band. Regardless of ability, we provide loads of performance opportunities, and find new ways to challenge all our members. If you've never played in front of a crowd before theres no need to worry - we rehearse weekly, and gigs are done on a signup basis - you can commit as much or as little as you like!

Our typical lineup includes Trumpets, Trombones, Saxophones, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums and Rhythm - if you play any of these or a similar instrument you'll find theres loads of opportunities for you in the band. We also audition for singers at the start of the academic year - contact the Exec for more details.

We Offer Countless Musical Opportunities

Throughout the academic year we get loads of gigs - these include society event's, our infamous 'Unplucked' gigs at the Dirty Duck Pub on campus, concerts, and a number external gigs for weddings and private events.

As well as big band and swing we run a weekly small band jam for our members. These are relaxed sessions where players can have a go at improvising over their favourite jazz standards, or take part in practicing functions band tunes. The small band is open to all members and gets many opportunities to perform at gigs and functions.

We go on Tour at least Three Times a Year!

As a member of big band you can join us on our tours. Twice a year we travel to another city in the UK for a weekend - in the past we have enjoyed trips to Nottingham, Manchester, London, Bristol and many more places across the country! While on tour you can enjoy exploring a new city and take part in the bands nights out, before typically joining another university big band for a concert.

Every summer the big band travels to another country for a few days - past locations have included Italy, Switzerland, Canada, France, Amsterdam, Spain and Belgium - to name just a few! On our week away we get to see some stunning locations and get a taste for another countries jazz culture!

We hold Regular Social Events

We're a friendly bunch and usually find we have more in common than just music! We run numerous social events for our members, and these are a great way to make friends in the band and talk to like-minded musicians. Socials could involve going to see professional live music, or meals/activities in Coventry and Leamington Spa. As well as this we have weekly pub trips after rehearsal, and regular nights out in the SU - Chances are theres something there for you, but if not we're always open to suggestions from our members for new places to go and things to see!

If you have any questions about the band then please don't hesitate to get in touch with the band Exec. You can also find us on Facebook for more information.