On Thursday we will be running our MD auditions in our usual rehearsal time/place (7.30pm in the Ensemble Room).

Any member may run to be an MD, and all members are encouraged to be there to vote on who the next MDs will be.

The format will be as follows:

– any member who wishes to audition may nominate themselves at the beginning of rehearsal;
– each candidate will then have ten minutes exactly to rehearse the band on a piece of their choice (see below);
– once all the candidates have auditioned, they must all leave the room and the auditions are discussed;
– the votes are cast (by STV), counted, and 2 new MDs are elected.

Section 7.2 of the constitution states the following:

“Musical Directors of the society have a responsibility to the Big Band members and shall be expected to:

– Demonstrate a high level commitment to the Big Band and its members.

– Be prepared and able to rehearse appropriate music at rehearsals.

– Liaise actively with the Executive Committee, including providing the librarian with adequate notice of their piece selection.

– Inform the Executive Committee in advance of unavoidable absence.

– If an MD fails to meet all of the above criteria, then an EGM shall be called with a motion to remove the MD from their position. They shall be replaced with the MD with the next highest number of votes in the initial election, previous MD’s, executive committee members or MD auditions shall be re-opened at the discretion of the executive committee.”


Hope to see you all on Thursday!

Lots of presidential love đź’ś

Executive committee election results!

Congratulations to the newly elected executive committee! We’re all very excited to see where you take the band over the next year…

Full committee:

  • President: Imogen Kelly
  • Secretary: Izzy Wood
  • Treasurer: Sophie Jackson
  • Social Secretaries: Kieran Marshall and Millie Bryant
  • Small Band Co-ordinator: Theo Maniura
  • Marketing Manager: Marshall Scott
  • Equipment Manager: Ashley Sanderson
  • Librarian: Arjun Bains

The Annual General Meeting & Executive Committee Elections

Hi folks,

This post is going to give an overview of the AGM and executive committee elections, both of which are happening next week on Thursday, February 27th. Note that you must be a member to participate in the AGM and the elections!


  • 5.30pm – meet in a room (TBC) where there will be reports from the president and the treasurer. These will be followed by a period where members propose motions (including constitutional amendments), members debate the motions, and then vote on them.
  • 7pm – head to the ensemble room, where we will set up for a rehearsal as normal. Then elections for each executive committee position will be held in descending order, and we will rehearse while the votes are being counted by the president and secretary. This will probably go on until about 10.30pm.

So, onto the nitty-gritty. First of all, motions for the AGM:

Members may propose motions during the AGM on anything, including amendments to the constitution. These may be proposed at any time during the meeting (after the reports), but if you would like them to appear on the agenda, please use this form (which will close at 5.30pm on Wednesday) to submit your motions. All motions will be debated on, but note that I will prioritise voting on those that have been submitted via the form if time is tight. Voting happens by a simple “eyes-closed, hands up” vote to preserve anonymity, and a motion passes if it has a majority “yes” votes. Any unresolved business and decisions made will be referred to the next meeting of the executive committee.

Now onto the executive committe elections:

The way that our elections work is as follows: we hold a “mini-election” for each position, meaning for each position, the candidates give speeches, they are asked questions, the votes are cast and then counted (during which time everyone rehearses), and then the winner is announced. Then the same happens for the next position. This system means that candidates can easily run for another position if they’ve lost a previous mini-election.

If you would like to run for one or more positions on the executive committe, please nominate yourself by filling in this form (which will close at 7.30pm on Wednesday). You do not have to fill in this form in order to nominate yourself (you can even decide to run on the day), but it is in your best interest to do so, since the list of candidates who have nominated themselves on this form is the list of candidates that will be given to those who are voting by proxy. Equally, if you nominate yourself as a candidate for a position, you can un-nominate yourself at any time.

If you can’t make the elections but wish to vote anyway, please message me and I will send you the list of candidates so you can vote by proxy.

If you have any further questions, please message me or consult the constitution, which is available in the members area of the website.

Thanks for getting through this wall of text.

All of the presidential love xxxxx


Hi folks,

Thanks to everyone for a lovely sober social yesterday and I hope you’re all not feeling too hungover this morning. Apologies for the lateness of this email but there is plenty to talk about, so strap in for a barrage of information.

First up, elections:

  • We are having an AGM at 6pm in the SUHQ (room tbc) on Wednesday week 8 (February 26th). This will be your opportunity to present and vote on amendments to our constitution, which sets the rules and goals for how the band is run.
  • After that, at 7.30pm on the same day, we will go to the ensemble room and run our elections for the executive committee positions. If you want to run, the official nominations period is from the week before – however you can decide to run/not run on the day without a formal nomination.
  • You may run for as many positions as you want, but if you get elected for one role, I would not recommend attempting to take on another at the same time – it will be a lot of work!
  • Voting happens in person and ONLY MEMBERS CAN VOTE.
  • We are continuing to present our roles during the breaks in rehearsals – last week myself and Kieran (secretary) described our roles (see a reminder below), and tomorrow Alex (treasurer) and Michael and Imo (social secs) will describe theirs.
  • As a reminder, the roles available are president, secretary, treasurer, social sec (x2), small band co-ordinator, marketing manager, equipment manager, and librarian.
  • If you are interested in becoming an MD, we will be holding auditions at 7.30pm in the ensemble room on Wednesday week 9 (March 4th).
  • If you are interested in potentially being on exec and you want to see what it’s like, we’re holding an open exec meeting tomorrow at 6pm in MR1 in the SUHQ so you can come along and get a feel for what the issues we talk about are and how we make decisions.

For those who missed out/weren’t listening last week, here are the official constitutional descriptions of the roles we discussed last week:

“The President shall:

  • Be responsible for the day to day running of the Big Band.
  • Be able to answer for the actions of the Big Band.
  • Communicate with external bodies where such communications do not fall under the remit of another member of the Executive Committee.
  • Be the Chairperson at any meeting of the Big Band.
  • Arbitrate in the event of any dispute or conflict within the society.
  • Ensure that all other members of the Executive Committee are performing their duties as stated.
  • Have ultimate responsibility for the upholding of the Students’ Union Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • Be responsible for communicating with the Musical Directors.
  • Be responsible for managing and coordinating members at the Big Band’s performances.

The Secretary shall:

  • Be responsible for the administration of the band, including but not limited to booking rooms and taking minutes at the Executive Committee’s meetings.
  • Take minutes at every Big Band meeting and make them available to any member on request.
  • Be responsible for organising the necessary transport and performance licenses for the Big Band performances.
  • Be responsible for organising three tours throughout one academic year. These will be two domestic tours and one international tour. It is recommended that these take place once a term, with the international tour taking place at the end of term 3. Whilst on tour the secretary is responsible for the coordination of members and events to make tour as successful as possible.
  • Perform the role of the President when the President is unable to do so.”

Next up, gigs:

  • We are playing in the dirty duck on Tuesday week 6 (February 11th)! Same drill as last term really, setup will be 7pmish – expect sign-ups soon.
  • We are also playing at the 40th University of Warwick Real Ale festival on Friday week 6 (February 14th)! This gig is not one to miss, and neither is the festival – check out their promotional video on Facebook to get a feel for what it’s like. Expect sign-ups and more details soon.
  • If you’d like to play with small band for either of these gigs, or indeed for the small band gig on Saturday week 6 (February 15th), make sure you come to rehearsals on Wednesdays 1-3pm.
  • As a reminder for all of these gigs, if you have not bought your own gig shirt, you will not be able to play – link to buy them is here.

Speaking of which, we also have merch available! Links to buy your personalised big band sweatshirt/hoodie/quarter-zips are available here (note that the links won’t activate until tomorrow).

Finally, mystery mini-tour is coming up on the weekend of Week 7! We’re hoping to get tickets up soon, but for now we can tell you that the theme is “anything from the middle aisle of Aldi” so make sure you get it sorted if you fancy coming!

That’s all for today folks, I’ll see you all tomorrow at rehearsal – usual time, 7.30pm in the ensemble room.

Lots of pres love xxxx

Welcome Back!

Hi all,

Welcome back to term 2 with Warwick Big Band! Thank you to everyone who came to rehearsal last night (and Kelsey’s afterwards) – it’s always lovely to get back into the swing of uni life with a bit of jazz and a couple of beers.

We’ve got a lot coming up this term, and with your feedback in mind, we’ve put together a little calendar for the term – check it out here or on Facebook!

First up, socials:

  • Pub golf is happening tomorrow at 7pm at the Greyhound in Leamington – if you’ve never played pub golf, all will be explained, just know that it’s an evening of lots of fun and drinking (the closest big band gets to sport). Note that a non-drinking route will be available for those on dry January.
  • Big band are circling in Fusion next Wednesday at 7pm – the theme is “Outer space” so make sure your costume is good or you will feel the wrath of Imogen and Michael!


  • If you haven’t got a gig shirt yet and you need one, the link will be sent out soon. Note that from now on, if you have not bought a gig shirt, you will not be allowed to play any more gigs.
  • We are also doing a merch run, so if you’d like your own personalised big band merch, keep an eye out on our Facebook group for more information/a link to buy.


  • We are holding elections to replace the current executive committee on Thursday Week 8 (February 27th) in our usual rehearsal time/place.
  • Each candidate for every role will be asked to give a short speech and answer a few questions from the band about what they would do with the role, and why they would be good at it.
  • More information about nominations and voting will be released closer to the time, but if you think you would like to run for one or more positions, take five minutes over the next few weeks to speak to the person currently in the role about what they do, and think about what you could do with the role if you had it.
  • There will be an opportunity for interested candidates to attend a current exec meeting to get a feel for how it all works.
  • MD auditions will be heard the week after (Thursday Week 9, March 5th), and instead of giving a speech candidates will be asked to “audition” by MDing the band with a piece of their choice for ten minutes.

For reference, the roles (and the order they will be elected in) are as follows: President, Secretary (VP), Treasurer, Social Secretary (x2), Small Band Co-ordinator, Marketing Manager, Equipment Manager, Librarian.

As always, if you have any questions about anything happening in the band/on the calendar then feel free to message any members of the exec on Facebook, or email us at

Lots of presidential love xxx

Give us your feedback!

Hi folks,

I hope you’re all having a lovely christmas break and enjoying some well-earned time off. It was an amazing term for the band and I’m really proud of the way we’ve played (and the amount we drank) – I miss you all already!

That being said, not everyone might feel the same way, so if you’ve got grievances to air – here’s your chance. Please find below a Google form where you will be able to give your feedback (positive or negative) to the executive committee on everything from rehearsals to tour to gigs to NCBF.

The form is completely anonymous and should only take a few minutes to fill out, so please do take some time over the next couple of weeks to have a crack at it – we really appreciate feedback from all of our members (even if you only fill out the tickbox questions).

This is your chance to make your voice heard, no matter how much you participate in the society, so even if you just want to leave us a nice Christmas message (or maybe offer us some New Year’s resolutions). please let us know through this form!

Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, and I look forward to seeing you all back at big band at our first rehearsal on January 9th!

Final Weekly Update

Hi folks,

This will be the final weekly update of the term so I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone a quick update on the next week – we’ve got a lot coming up!


  • Our annual Kasbah festive gig is on Monday! If you’re playing, make sure you arrive in your gig shirt with your instrument to Kasbah at 8pm sharp for soundcheck.
  • We will play for a few hours after that – expect a players list and set list soon!
  • There will be a green room to leave instruments in after the gig, and a van to take it all back with the other equipment afterwards so we can all kick off once we’ve finished.
  • If your friends/other societies need queue jump tickets we still have plenty for ÂŁ3, so let them know – obviously as players you do not need a ticket.

Week 10 pop:

  • The traditional week 10 pop is on for big band – expect pres somewhere (if you have a kitchen on campus, could we borrow it please?) as well as karaoke and a huge night!

End of term social:

  • Next Thursday there is no rehearsal because it’s our annual end of term social – the 12 pints of Christmas! (note that drinking 12 pints is not mandatory, but attempts are encouraged).
  • We will be having a monster bar crawl, starting from midday in the Dirty Duck and taking us all the way to Kelsey’s in the evening (with of course a mandatory Baba’s along the way).
  • Feel free to join at any point on the crawl – expect a route to be posted soon.
  • Note that this will be your last opportunity to wish your fellow big banders a beery christmas so make sure you don’t miss out!

Thank you all for such a lovely first term, and I can’t wait to see you in January – expect many more huge things!

Lots of presidential love, and happy christmas xxxx


Hi folks,

Thanks for another great big band week, it’s been lovely – here’s a quick update on everything coming up over the next couple of weeks:


  • Get ready for big band’s littest gig of the year, because we are playing at Coventry’s Kasbah nightclub on Monday week 10!
  • Signups will be up TODAY so keep an eye out on the website and the Facebook page.
  • If you’d like to play, please make sure you come to rehearsal this Thursday as we’re playing a lot of new stuff, some of which isn’t that easy! (also it’s our last rehearsal of the term so it would be sad to miss out).


  • We are doing a joint circle with our good friends at the University of Warwick Symphony Orchestra on Wednesday week 9, before heading to pop for the usual midweek Christmas mayhem! (make sure you have event-only tickets!)
  • Arrive at 7pm in Bar Fusion to get drinks, etc – our theme is elves so make sure you’re not late to circle and that you don’t have a shit costume!
  • There will be a Facebook event up with these details.

Christmas Market:

  • Small band are going to be playing some Christmas jazz on the Piazza from 12pm-1pm this Wednesday (week 9) – if you’re a horn player and you’d like to come along and jam out, please get in touch with Oscar Smith on Facebook!

Secret Santa:

  • If you’d like to enter the big band secret santa then send a message to Nathan Cox on Facebook or email him on
  • Presents will be exchanged at the end of term social on Thursday week 10 – ÂŁ5 hard limit on presents please!


  • Thank you everyone for a lovely tour last weekend – we had a great gig, had some excellent nights out, and only pissed on the floor once.
  • If you missed out on tickets, don’t worry, we have another mystery mini-tour coming up near the end of term 2; more info to come near the beginning of next term.

So much exciting stuff coming up, I can’t wait – love you all xx


At long last, tickets for this weekend’s Newcastle Minitour – “the best weekend of your life” (Kelly, 2017) – will be going live!! Tickets will be going up at 6pm at the address below. We only have 24 places in total, so be sure to grab a ticket as soon as they’re available if you’re planning to come along.

A couple of important notes:

1) Make sure you’re purchased your society membership before trying to purchase your tour ticket.
2) We are planning on leaving on the coach at 3pm on Friday.

Secretary love xx

Week 5 update!

Hi folks,

Only going to be brief post this week because I’m mostly just repeating myself from last week, but here we go:

Duck signups are still live in the member’s area of the website, but only until 6pm, so get there fast! We’ll play on Tuesday, setting up at 7pm, in the Dirty Duck – see JB’s post for a setlist and expect a players list very soon.

Tour tickets are going on sale very soon! We only have 24 tickets going so make sure you buy your membership now so you can get them quickly – last year tickets sold out in under an hour. Newcastle looks to be a lush city and we have a great gig lined up, so you won’t want to miss out!

Gig shirts are going on sale very soon so make sure you nab one, especially if you’re coming on tour – we have a gig shirt night out and you’ll look very silly if you don’t have one!

Circle is next week! We’ll be in the copper rooms from 7.30pm so make sure you get tickets while they’re still on sale – theme is something very sporty or something a little bit naughty so don’t forget a lit costume!

That’s all we’ve got time for, thanks again for being a lovely bunch xxxx