About Small Band


A subsection of The Big Band, Small Band meets weekly for rehearsals. We play a variety of music, from traditional jazz standards to pop function tunes.

Our Small Band is very popular at Warwick, playing a wide variety of balls and functions throughout the year at the university. We are regulars at the annual Politics Society Ball, and this year also played the History Society Ball and Economics Society Ball. Previously, we have played for the MBA Ball and Warwick Scholars Summit. Small Band also frequently plays at various corporate events that the university hold.


The smaller set up of this band makes us the perfect option for background music, as well as providing the ideal soundtrack to dance to. We are adaptable to many different styles and can cater to requests. We are very flexible in our set up, dependent on the requirements – from a jazz trio (drums, bass, piano) to a 12-piece function band, for some pop and funk classics.


Covid-19 hasn’t been able to stop Small Band from rehearsing and collaborating with each other! Theo, our small band co-ordinator has, as his title suggests, co-ordinated a recording with some small band regulars, all from their own separate homes! Listen below!!!

Theo ยท Recorda Me