Welcome Back!

Hi all,

Welcome back to term 2 with Warwick Big Band! Thank you to everyone who came to rehearsal last night (and Kelsey’s afterwards) – it’s always lovely to get back into the swing of uni life with a bit of jazz and a couple of beers.

We’ve got a lot coming up this term, and with your feedback in mind, we’ve put together a little calendar for the term – check it out here or on Facebook!

First up, socials:

  • Pub golf is happening tomorrow at 7pm at the Greyhound in Leamington – if you’ve never played pub golf, all will be explained, just know that it’s an evening of lots of fun and drinking (the closest big band gets to sport). Note that a non-drinking route will be available for those on dry January.
  • Big band are circling in Fusion next Wednesday at 7pm – the theme is “Outer space” so make sure your costume is good or you will feel the wrath of Imogen and Michael!


  • If you haven’t got a gig shirt yet and you need one, the link will be sent out soon. Note that from now on, if you have not bought a gig shirt, you will not be allowed to play any more gigs.
  • We are also doing a merch run, so if you’d like your own personalised big band merch, keep an eye out on our Facebook group for more information/a link to buy.


  • We are holding elections to replace the current executive committee on Thursday Week 8 (February 27th) in our usual rehearsal time/place.
  • Each candidate for every role will be asked to give a short speech and answer a few questions from the band about what they would do with the role, and why they would be good at it.
  • More information about nominations and voting will be released closer to the time, but if you think you would like to run for one or more positions, take five minutes over the next few weeks to speak to the person currently in the role about what they do, and think about what you could do with the role if you had it.
  • There will be an opportunity for interested candidates to attend a current exec meeting to get a feel for how it all works.
  • MD auditions will be heard the week after (Thursday Week 9, March 5th), and instead of giving a speech candidates will be asked to “audition” by MDing the band with a piece of their choice for ten minutes.

For reference, the roles (and the order they will be elected in) are as follows: President, Secretary (VP), Treasurer, Social Secretary (x2), Small Band Co-ordinator, Marketing Manager, Equipment Manager, Librarian.

As always, if you have any questions about anything happening in the band/on the calendar then feel free to message any members of the exec on Facebook, or email us at exec@thebigband.co.uk.

Lots of presidential love xxx