Week 5 update!

Hi folks,

Only going to be brief post this week because I’m mostly just repeating myself from last week, but here we go:

Duck signups are still live in the member’s area of the website, but only until 6pm, so get there fast! We’ll play on Tuesday, setting up at 7pm, in the Dirty Duck – see JB’s post for a setlist and expect a players list very soon.

Tour tickets are going on sale very soon! We only have 24 tickets going so make sure you buy your membership now so you can get them quickly – last year tickets sold out in under an hour. Newcastle looks to be a lush city and we have a great gig lined up, so you won’t want to miss out!

Gig shirts are going on sale very soon so make sure you nab one, especially if you’re coming on tour – we have a gig shirt night out and you’ll look very silly if you don’t have one!

Circle is next week! We’ll be in the copper rooms from 7.30pm so make sure you get tickets while they’re still on sale – theme is something very sporty or something a little bit naughty so don’t forget a lit costume!

That’s all we’ve got time for, thanks again for being a lovely bunch xxxx