Weekly Update #4

Thanks folks for another wonderful week; the bowling social was incredibly wholesome fun, and a productive rehearsal yesterday was followed up with a very silly evening in Kelsey’s. Congratulations to those of you who made it to your lectures this morning; if you stayed in bed feeling sorry for yourself – fair play.

There’s a lot to get hyped for in the next few weeks, so let’s crack on:

First things first, Big Band are circling in the copper rooms for Pop! Week 6, so make sure you get your circling tickets – it’s going to be lit.

Also in Week 6 is the traditional termly Dirty Duck gig! We’re playing on the evening of Tuesday November 5th, with plenty of bangers on the set list (and maybe even an MD tequila challenge?). Expect sign-ups on the members’ area of the website soon!

On the weekend of Week 7 (15th-17th November) we have our termly tour to Newcastle (which I’m sure you’ve heard enough about)! Tickets are very limited (24 places) and are going to go on sale on the SU website very soon so ensure that you get your membership now so you don’t miss out.

Finally, we’re having a merch run! You’ll be able to buy gig shirts and sweatshirts from the SU website very soon, personalised and at a very reasonable price. You can also buy our pint glasses and (very old) CDs from Alex Stewart now!

Thanks for another lovely week folks – so much love xxxx