Weekly presidential announcement #2

Listen up, it’s another weekly update – there’s a lot of stuff to say so I’m going to keep the bullshit brief.

First up, NCBF! What is NCBF, I hear you ask to you computer screens? Well NCBF is the one competition we do each year and it’s the only time we ever select a band. This year it’s in Telford (yeah quad vods) and we’ll be travelling there on November 24th to perform (and win). If you’d like to be considered for selection, here’s what you need to do:

  • Be a horn player;
  • Be free on Sunday Week 2 (13th Oct), Sunday Week 5 (Nov 3rd), and Saturday&Sunday Week 8 (23rd&24th Nov);
  • Come to our open rehearsal THIS SUNDAY at 11am in the Ensemble Room – we will select a band from those in attendance.

Our provisional set list is Splanky (Nestico), Backrow Politics (Goodwin), Isn’t She Lovely (Wood), and Spain (Jennings); if you’d like to have a look at any of these parts before the rehearsal, please message Emily White, or use our snazzy request parts form in the members area.

I’d like to emphasise to anyone new to the band that this is our only auditioned performance, every other gig we do is selected entirely based on the signups (available here)!

Speaking of which, if you’d like to sign up for any of our upcoming gigs, make sure you’ve bought your membership beforehand (i.e. now). You also need to have membership to be considered for NCBF selection, or if you want to buy a ticket for our upcoming Newcastle minitour (YEAH TOUR)!

Two final bits of news before you go:

  • Small band is sadly cancelled next week, but thank you to everyone who came – we will be back on as usual on Wednesday Week 4, from 1-3pm in the Ensemble Room.
  • Skool Dayz is this weekend! Make sure you grab a ticket, and if you don’t have one then message the group chat – we’re circling in Kelsey’s in Leamington which is going to be lit.

Lots of presidential love xxx