Weekly supreme leader update #1

By popular demand, the weekly updates are back, this week with a lot to talk about👅

First of all, socials:

  • We are all going to Pop! tonight! In the famous words of Imogen Kelly, “We will be in the Duck at 10pm ready to sing some bangers and proceed to POP afterwards🎉”. If you need a ticket then message an exec member/old person, there are definitely some spares going.
  • There is a cheeky bar crawl happening on Friday, so check out the excellent event by Michael 🦈 on our Facebook group to learn about the route – key thing for fresh is to be on the piazza ready to get a bus at 6pm shark!


  • Thank you to everyone who turned up to rehearsal on Thursday – there were a lot more people than we expected (which is amazing)! If you had a good time then please keep coming back, and if you missed the first rehearsal, please come along anyway – we rehearse at the same time/place every week (7.30pm every Thursday in the Ensemble Room).
  • Our first gig will be on Saturday Week 3 (October 19th) on the Piazza on campus – more details and signups will follow soon, but keep the date free🎺
  • Our first small band rehearsal will be held from 1pm-3pm in the Ensemble Room next Wednesday (October 9th)! Come along for some more jazzy tunes (and hopefully a sick flute solo?)


  • If you want to signup to sing with us, make sure you do it soon as auditions are this weekend, and signups will close TOMORROW AT 6PM. Please include your email when you signup so we can keep you updated over the next few days!
  • The link to signup is here.

I can’t wait to see you all on Thursday for another sick rehearsal🎷
(Also, buy your membership – you can get it here!)

So much pres love💚