New website

As you may have noticed, the big band website has had a bit of a re-design. While it’s functionally probably a little less clever, it’s new back-end controls and easily editable design mean that it’s a great new start for the new exec to be able to do things their own way.

An overview of the new features:

  • these blog posts/updates that will often mirror the updates on the big band fb group/UoWBB Facebook page (as well as an archive of all previous posts);
  • an embedded soundcloud player on our frontpage so anyone can listen to us at our best, at any time;
  • awesome Google forms integration that will help by allowing members to sign up for gigs easily and allow the exec to pick a band in a fair and simple way;
  • a link to the minutes from all of the exec meetings since term 3 of 2019 (found on the big band docs page).

Everyone will need to sign up for an account (and buy their membership!) in order to sign up for gigs, whether you had an account on the old site or not, but hopefully the slick new registration process will make this very easy!

Hope you enjoy it ‚̧